Why Use Waze for Navigation?

What is Waze?

Actually, this is an app for navigation purposes which emphasizes on social networks. It is mostly used by drivers going somewhere maybe they don’t know. Though there are some many more navigation maps like Google maps and Apple maps, Waze app is fur much better because of the following reasons. What makes Waze be the best is that it has good visuals and many more features that you cannot find in other navigation maps.


Reasons for using Waze for navigation?


You can set a leaving reminder on Waze


Though other apps like Google Now have reminders, Waze seems better. With just setting it, it can help you to find out how long you will have to travel in order to reach your destination in different times. As a matter of fact, it more accurate when calculating the time you will be using to get from one point to another. You only need to enter the destination and select the arrival time you want. By doing this, a graph will come into view showing the possibility of how good or bad the traffic will be on that particular time of the day. By setting the time of arrival, the app will remind you by sending you a notification when the time for leaving gets closer.


“ETA” feature when running late


When you are driving and probably the traffic is too much to let you reach in time, there is a feature called “ETA” that can enable the Android sharing dialog. Once the dialogue is activated, you can let your friends or family members know that you will be arriving late, through a text or email that will be sent to them. For you to send such a text or email, you must first register for a Waze account.

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Can be used to find the nearest gas station on the way


Suppose you are on the way and your gas tank reads empty, Waze can be helpful by searching for the nearest gas station situated along the way. You only need to tap the icon for the gas station that is on the app, and a list of gas stations will pop up on the screen, showing their charges and the distance they are from you.


Waze speedometer to prevent being pulled over


Many people like over speeding to reach their destination quickly. If you are one of them and truly cannot restrict yourself from it, Waze is here to help you out. You only need to set up the app’s speedometer so that it can produce an alarm wherever you pass some speed limit. This can be helpful in preventing you from getting on the wrong side of the traffic rules.


It can be customized according to your preference


Every person has a different taste of things or preferences. This also applies to Waze. The app has the ability to be customized by simply following some basic instructions found on the settings menu. Here, you are the one to decide which icons or elements will show up on your route to your destination. You can also change the view to either two dimensions or three dimensions.